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About Us

Team Elements enables any Team to accelerate its effectiveness. Our robust yet practical approach combines research-based tools and skilled facilitation to deliver measurable improvement. We bring an approachable framework and data-driven insights to help generate focused action for lasting and meaningful improvement. With Team Elements there is no judgment based on artificial standards of some idealized Team archetype. Every outcome and action plan is unique.

Why You Should Join Us

This community is focused on creating lasting change for you and your team. We simplify and demystify team dynamics. We help you imagine your team's potential. And we give you the tools to help bring that to desired state to life. We are all on a life-long journey of finding our meaning and effectiveness within the teams we work on. Joining us here at Team Elements will simply bring light to that path and help grow your vocabulary for what you're seeing. We look forward to chatting with you soon! 


We know that sometimes it can be hard to conceive that your team experience could be any different than it is now. Teams often live in benign neglect and don't get the intentional work on themselves that could improve engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. We want to encourage you that your team experience really can change, for the better! Through the Team Elements process, participants discover which specific behaviors and attributes contribute to their success or failure. The model and Team Elements approach yield hidden insights that create a roadmap for improving the Team’s effectiveness. Even highly performing teams benefit from heightened awareness and insight into the factors that drive their success and how they could further increase their impact. So, if you are ready to start improving your team's experience, then you are in the right place!